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Sisterhood of Crafters

Hello my fellow crafters.  I have some news to share with you today…I am now on the Design Team for the Sisterhood of Crafters Challenge Blog!! This blog offers challenge on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.    The challenge starting today is to make something representing the part of the world, country and/or state where you live. 

I live in Florida  – which means I have so many things to choose from – anything Disney, beachy, tropical, fruity…and how about flamingos?


This super cute Flamingo stamp is from Viva Las Vegastamps and I’ve had it for years and actually started coloring it awhile ago, but never finished.  This challenge was perfect to push me to finish it and make it into a card.  The sentiment and tag die are from a Hampton Arts set.

Now…let’s talk flamingos shall we?  I love the bird – the color is pretty, they are tall birds and they walk funny!  But here in the Northwest part of Florida the only flamingos are in the zoo – they are not found in the wild up here.

Here are my two flamingo stories…

Several years ago my husband and I took a cruise to the southern Caribbean.  Once of the places  we visited was the beautiful  island of Bonaire.  Since we were only going to be on the island for a few hours we elected to take a guided excursion.  We saw one offered by the cruise that said “Flamingos!”  The description went on to describe how we would see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. There were a few other island stops as part of the tour, but the focus was going to be on flamingos.  SO – sign me up!!  We hopped on the tour bus and it takes off,  The guide gets on the microphone and starts telling us all the sites and animals we will see.  And then he says we probably won’t see any flamingos…..


I was dumbfounded.  The whole point of the tour was flamingos.  He went on to say that it had been dry lately and flamingos like wet areas and by they way they are shy and if there are any they won’t be very close…..

To say I was disappointed is an understatement but we were stuck on the bus at that point so there was nothing I could do.  We did the tour and at the very end the bus pulled up along this area where there was a very large pond.  The tour guide then pointed out that if we looked carefully we would se a flamingo way off  in the distance.   I squinted my eyes and noticed something pinkish way across the pond.  It may have been a flamingo, or a piece of pink cloth.  It was too far away to make out what is was……

So, after the tour ended we walked around town before heading back to the ship and I found a refrigerator magnet to remind me of my time in Bonaire – one that depicts the flamingos we did not see!!  Here is the magnet!

My second flamingo story is much better…  A few weeks ago Tropical Storm Cindy blew though here and dumped a bunch of rain on us.  The worst of the storm was west of us but we still ended up with a ton of rain.  Now, remember I said the only flamingos in our area are the ones in the local zoo?  Well the morning after TS Cindy came through people saw several flamingos on our local beach – Johnson Beach and snapped these photos.

Everyone thought they were escapees from the zoo, but the zoo reported that all their flamingos are accounted for.  So – these were real, wild flamingos!!  The experts think they got caught up in the storm and came up from the Yucatan Peninsula!  It was so cool to know we had some wild flamingos here!  I have no idea what ended up happening to them.  I hope they were able to find refuge somewhere along the beach.  The area of Johnson Beach is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and has many protected areas so it would have been the perfect place to land!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and I hope you will check out the Sisterhood of Crafters blog here and take part in this challenge.


sending sunshine

It’s hard to believe that some areas of the US are still getting snow – so glad I live in Florida!!  So – I decided to send some warmth up north via this card.

It was inspired by Theresa Mombers design shown here.  I used an image from Viva Las Vegas stamps along with Memento’s Dandelion and Cantelope ink for the sun.


Thanks for stopping by today!

clean and simple monday – tall tales

Today’s clean and simple challenge at SCS is to use humor on your card.  As a stamper I am not really “funny”.  Some people have a knack for taking any image and creating something witty or hilarious.  Not me.  I did, however, have these stamps from Viva Las Vegas stamps – they have lots of funny images – and made this card:

Now we all know someone, either a relative or close friend, who can tell a tall tale.   And everytime they tell it, it gets bigger and bigger!  That’s deja moo – the feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.

Sometimes it’s your parents telling you how rough things were in their day:

“When I was a kid we walked three miles to school in two feet of snow.  Uphill.  Both ways.”

Or maybe it’s a friend who likes to “embellish” their life:

“I was up for a Nobel Peace prize for my work in saving the sand flea, but they gave it to Nelson Mandela instead.  I have no hard feelings though.  He seems like a nice enough fellow”.

Or it could be war stories or tales of the large fish that got away.   Either way, we smile and nod and chuckle as the tale gets bigger and bigger.

Thanks for stopping by today.  And on a totally unrelated topic  – I was offered $5000 to publish this card in a well known craft magazine but turned it down because I wanted to share it with you here for free! 

Have a great day!

clean and simple monday – rock and roll

This weeks Clean and Simple challenge at SCS is “rock and roll”  so what better way to jump start the challenge than  with the king of rock n roll himself, Elvis!

This  no layer card  was quick and easy – first I printed “Elvis” on white cardstock.  I elongated the font so that it would fill most of the front.  Then I stamped the Elvis image (Viva  Las Vegas Stamps)  in black.  I had to add a little bling and black rhinestones seemed just enough to keep this card clean and simple.

This next card is done in a similar manner – with no layers.  I printed the star burst background on paper – the image is one of the “shapes” on photoshop elements.  I like the bright blue.

Then I stamped the guitar and sentiment in black.  Both images are from Inkadinkado.  Easy peasy!

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you will join us over at SCS for this weeks Clean and Simple Challenge!

Happy Birthday Honey!!

I’d like to wish my wonderful husband, Orvil a Happy Birthday!! Honey – I love you so much – you are such a terrific husband and so good to me. Here’s hoping we celebrate many, many more birthdays together.
Love always…