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got lemons?

I do!!  Ponderosa lemons – which are huge!!  We’ve been watching them grow all season and today was the day to pick some of these off the tree.

Why today?  Well, while many of you are suffering with the cold weather, snow, sleet, etc, it is almost 80 here!  So I needed to make some lemonade.   I pulled three of these and spent a bit of time juicing them.   By hand.   I feel like I’ve been through a real workout today!!   But my hands smell lemony fresh!

So, while I am enjoying my nice, fresh squeezed cold glass of lemonade I will be thinking of all of you who are out their shoveling the snow from the walkway!!

If I don’t post over the next day or two I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

checking in…..

No crafting for this post, just checking in from being out of town…

Lindsey and Matt’s wedding in Boston was wonderful – we had such a great time seeing everyone and visiting the city.  It was more of a weekend of events than just a wedding.  Unfortunately we brought our hot and humid weather with us…..

On the way home we were going to drop off my sister, who lives just outside of D.C. and visit for a day or two but when we arrived there she was without power due to a storm that hit the area, so we decided to press on home.  She ended up being without power for two days!

We arrived home and there was no power in the upstairs room (which is my stamp room).  We too had a big storm go through.  Fortunately we only had to flip to circuit breaker – little did we know this would be just the beginning…

I tried to turn on my computer – nothing.  So I switched it out with an older one so that I would have something – back in business. 

Then I went down to my laptop – no wireless signal!  Went to check my wireless router and THAT was out!  Picked up the phone to call the computer guy – and my regular phone does not work!!!!  Will this never end?  This must have been some electrical storm

So – we had to replace our phone, the wireless router, and the power switch and network card on the computer.  The corvette was “plugged in” to keep the battery charged and the abs computer chip got damaged so that had to be replaced as well.

Everything was up and running for about a day, then the internet connection just died.  AT&T had been in the area working so I figured it was a larger problem, but still called it in.  I spoke to some guy in India who ran a few tests and confirmed that a tech had to come out.

The tech came out and said we were not getting a signal into the house and he would have to report this in to another person, who would fix the problem later that day.

And…later that afternoon another AT&T truck started working on the master box for the neighborhood and we were soon back up and running!

Welcome home!!!

On the plus side, when I finally was able to get caught up with my e-mails I had one from a magazine that has accepted one of my cards for their next issue!!  Hurray – good news!!  It was a goal of mine to get published this year and I was thrilled when I received this notice.  I’ll provide more info once the issue is available!!

thanks for stopping by!

Happy 4th of July!

You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness.  You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism. 

 ~Erma Bombeck

Happy 4th of July!

let’s grill tonight…sounded like a good idea

(this is a non stamping post!)

Last night when Orvil found out we were having steak for dinner he said – hey let’s grill them! 

We have not used the grill all winter and now that the weather is better this seemed like a good idea.  Usually I test out the grill once the cold weather has ended just to make sure everything is in working order, but last night we were winging it.

Our grill is large, and most times I only use 2 of the three burners (it’s a gas grill).  It needs about 10 minutes to warm up, so I fired it up and went inside to get the steaks ready.

After about 5 minutes I look outside and Orvil has the top open – I explain that the top  needs to be closed for it to warm up (you’d think he’d know this by now).  He says its taking to long to warm up (wonder why!)  and he was just “checking it”.  Another 5 minutes goes by, again I look outside and he has the top up AGAIN!!!!
Honey – it won’t warm up if you keep opening it up.  He says it’s probably a problem with the temperature gauge, which is only registering 200 degress.   We agree to put the steaks on. 

Another 10 minutes go by – the steaks are barely done.  Obviously there is something wrong, so I transfer the meat inside and cook them in the oven.  So much for grilling!

After dinner (it’s getting dark now) Orvil starts tinkering with the grill.  This is one of the things I love about him  – he’s very handy and loves to tinker.  It’s also one of the most frustrating things as well. There have been many “tinkering” projects that have resulted in numerous trips to Home Depot or Lowes and hours spent (with a few 4 letter words thrown in) before finally deciding to call in a professional.

So – he checks the propane tank…plenty of gas and the connection looks good.  

Now on to the burners…he takes the grills off, fires up each burner to make sure he can see the flames on each side of each burner and finds out that one burner is not getting gas all the way through, and one only has gas coming through on one side.  No wonder the grill was not getting hot!

So, he takes each of the burners  out, runs the hose through them to clean out any blockage, waits for them to dry out (it is definately dark by now) and runs another test.

All burners are working!  He suggests that we grill burgers tonight for the final test.    I’m keeping the frying pan handy just in case.

On to today.  Its one of those marvelous spring days here.  About 70 degrees, sunshine and low humidity.  I love this type of weather and suggest we have lunch on the patio…ahhhh… fresco dining!

It was wonderful!  A light summer salad with some chunks of  grilled chicken on top (I use the packaged precooked chicken – its quick and easy!).  I like to add dried cranberries and walnuts to my salad and top it off with some razzberry walnut dressing (the light version of Ken’s is delicious!).

To quench our thirst I make my own version of cherry-limeade.  I start with Sprite (or any non cola soda), add a pinch of cherry koolaid powder (a pinch is all you need) and a wedge of a fresh lime.   Very refreshing!

Thanks for stopping by today!  I hope spring has come to your area!

cleaning the craft room…..

that means no stamping today…sigh….

I try to clean as I go so that the mess does not get out of hand, but the past month that has not happened!  I’ve just let things slide and with the cardmaking and mini album making the room is a disaster!  There’s no room on the table and my recent purchases are still in bags on the floor. 

Since the cleaning fairies did not visit while I was sleeping, I have no choice but to clean up after myself!!!!

Every time it gets like this I vow (once again) to get back into cleaning up after every project.  It really works so much better for me and I get more crafting time since everything is in its place and can be found.

So, tell me.  Are you a “clean as you go” person, or do you wait until its so bad you can’t ignore it?