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diy gift wrap

I’m always looking for different ways to wrap gifts – especially those ideas that use supplies I already have on hand!  While looking through Pintrest (which is a site where you can spend hours looking at so be careful going there) I saw this photo of some DIY gift wrap, created by Summer Watkins, a designer who specializes in weddings.

The one that caught my eye was the first package in the second row – which looks like ribbons made into a flower.  I followed the link and found the instructions on how to make this HERE.   This is such an easy project – one I will do not only for gift wrapping but for card fronts as well.    I don’t have a project of my own to show today, but I will soon.

I’ll be off line for the next week or so and will check in soon!!!

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making baker’s twine

I love the fact that paper crafters are so resourceful!  Baker’s Twine has been hot in the past year or so and leave it to a crafter to find a way to make their own!  I found this tutorial on The Frugal Crafter’s website via SCS on how to make your own Baker’s Twine and it could not be any simpler.  All you need is crochet thread, a ruler, and some markers.  I used Copics, but probably any type of marker will do.  Here is a photo of my first try:


This was sooo  easy!  I can now coordinate my twine with the colors on my card.  And it cost so little.  I had to purchase a skein  of crochet thread – which was about $3.  This roll will last me forever and I only have to make what I need at one time so I don’t have to store a bunch of small, different colored pieces of twine in my craft room.  

This is such a great idea and want to thank The Frugal Crafter for posting the video!

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Color Lab for Copics

Hello friends! 

It’s Christmas Eve – are you ready for tomorrow?  I’ve got a dessert to make today and some gifts to deliver but that’s it!  It’s time to relax and enjoy the season.

I wanted to share a website that I just found out about.  It’s called “My Create Ink Color Lab” and it’s a great resource if you use copic markers and need ideas for color combinations.

The site is similar to the Color Combo site for Stampin Up where you select a color or two, click,  and the computer generates a color combo swatch for you.

This site takes all 330 plus copic colors and does the same thing.  And it lets you lock in favorite color swatches.  Now, since this site takes in all the copic markers sometimes it is a little slow (or it may just be my computer!) but I think this is one great resource!

Here is the link:   COPIC COLOR LAB

Merry Christmas!!

when 120 colored pencils are not enough…..

First – check out this photo I found while surfing the net – it’s a fence made to look like prisma pencils!!!

In yesterday’s post I showed the Prismacolor pencil blank chart I found on the their web site.  I spent part of the day filling in the chart with all the prisma pencils I have.

When I was finished  coloring in the chart, I was missing 12 pencils.  How did that happen????    Colors with names like Seashell Pink, Black Rasberry, Caribbean Sea, China Blue, Kelly Green, Expresso…..and so on. 

I found myself wanting to color with these particular shades – you’d think 120 pencils would be enough, but sometimes you just need that right shade of blue to make things come together.

So I checked out the Prisma site and it seems when I originally purchased my pencils (ages ago)  I bought the 120 box set and not the 132 box set – probably because the store only sold the 120 set.  Of course the 132 box set contains these 12 colors.


So – I’m trying to find if there is a place that sells just these 12 pencils as a set.  They are in the sequential number range of 1092 through 1103, ao I’m hoping that they may have been issued together as a new set at some time.  Otherwise I’ll have to buy them individually.

In the meantime, I’ll have to make due with 120 colors!!!!

Prisma pencil color chart

All I can say is….where have I been all this time!!!

I’ve been thinking about making up a color chart for prisma pencils.  I visited the Prismacolor web site ages ago, figuring they would have something, but there was nothing on their site at that time.

So yesterday I was surfing along and decided to see if the Prismacolor site had been update since I last visited. Lo and behold –  I found this great prisma color chart!  I don’t know how long it’s been on their site, but I am glad to have found it!  Here is the link:

Prisma pencil blank color chart

It’s 11 x 17 size, but I printed it out on 8.5 x 11 –  a little hard to read some of the numbers, but I wanted it on a letter size sheet of cardstock because it is handier for me.  It has little icons of pencils along with the color name and number – which allows you to color in a portion of the icon for your color chart.  I like the fact that they have the colors sorted by color family (ie all the yellows together, then the oranges,  etc) which makes it easy to find a grouping of similar colors for shading. 

So….I’ve started filling in the chart with the colors I own – here is a little look at how it’s coming….I hope to finish later on today.

 I hope you find this useful.  Thanks for stopping by!