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why not take a class?

Why is it that some people will spend money on a craft machine that has some awesome capabilities, but balk at spending a little more $$ on classes to get the best use out of it?  So – all  you Silhouette users out there that are struggling with this machine I am talking to you!!  This machine can do so much – provided you know how to use it.  The more I learn the more impressed I am.  Now I know there are about a million free YouTube videos out there so why spend the bucks on a class or two?   Because you don’t know what you don’t know!!  You can spend hours…days…weeks…struggling with YouTube videos and still be in the very beginner stage.  You will waste so much time and be so aggravated to the point where you won’t even want to use the machine.   Which would be very sad!!

There are many talented people out there offering classes and I will give my recommendation to Kerri Bradford’s. ( .  She does an amazing job with her step by step videos and has several that build upon the other so you can progress easily.  I can’t tell you how many times I have read on some forum or facebook group questions that I would consider very basic – things I learned in Kerri’s first classes.  So for all of you who want to get the full use out of this machine take a chance on a paid class!

Today I am showing a gift card holder – and some of the cool things I learned in the latest class with Kerri.  The class, Santa’s Workshop, is not really a beginners class since it builds on things learned previously.

 christmas gift card envelope

Now, the gift card envelope is a shape that is familiar to many papercrafters – and easy to cut with the silhouette…

 gift card envelope

But let’s take a look at the details….

 gift card details

See the pinked edge?  Or is it pinking?  Well – you know what I mean – the shape you get from pinking shears! In class I learned a cool way to get that edge around the overall shape.  The tag with the text was easily created in silhouette – a rectangle with the middle points adjusted.  The font is Roboto and was added at an angle – the text are the words to jingle bells –  a very nice design touch.  Now the snowflake…no that is not a die cut or file purchased elsewhere.  I created it from scratch – learned how to do it in the class.  So – I know what you are thinking…isn’t it easier to just buy an image from the Silhouette store (or elsewhere)?  Yes it is.  But if you learn to make one from scratch you learn so much more about the design elements and what this great machine can do.  And you begin to realize how much more you can make on your own and not rely on third party images.     Ok – that’s my lesson for today!!  Thanks for stopping by!



How about a little greenery for your Christmas card?  Here is one that was easy to color..


Colored with copic markers – just a few shades of green, some earth tones and a bit of red!  The frame is a cut file from the silhouette store.  The image is from Flourishes (no longer available).

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The Bells of Christmas

So, it’s almost mid November and the holiday season is in full swing.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner with Christmas soon behind.  I hope your days are filled with the goodness this time of year brings.  Here is another Christmas card for you.

The bells of christmas

The image – the Bells of Christmas – is from Justrite and was colored with copic markers.  Now to get the image framed with red and white here is what I did.  I stamped the image on paper, scanned it and brought it into my silhouette software.  Then I used the trace feature in silhouette for the frame.  The red portion used the trace and offset feature in silhouette to allow for a little space in between the image edges.  Then, I made a copy of that trace and did another offset to use on the white piece.  Once I cut the white cardstock I embossed it with an embossing folder.  The poinsettia  on the front is a silhouette file and the greenery is a Martha Stewart punch.

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Christmas stocking


Hello once again crafty friends!  Are you in the holiday spirit yet?  I am continuing my post featuring holiday cards I’ve done this year and this is one of my favorites…

christmas stocking


The stocking  image is a digital stamp from Monika Martinson – she is from Sweden and I fell in love with this image the first time I saw it!  It was colored with copic markers and love how she drew in the contents.  The background of snowflakes was done on my silhouette!  I took a cut file of snowflakes and turned off the cut lines and colored the images trying to match closely the blue I used for the ornaments in the stocking.  I don’t know why it did not dawn on me before to use the silhouette images to create print backgrounds, but it adds a whole new way of looking at those images.

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life is better at the beach

I’ve seen so many wonderful handmade ornaments on the internet and thought I would try one with a beach theme.  I thought this one would be easy but it proved to be a bit more time consuming!

 beach ornament

It’s a “floating” ornament – meaning the sentiment inside looks like it is floating.  In reality it is vinyl lettering on a piece of transparency.  It is hard to tell from the photo but there is sand and some shells inside the ornament as well.  I tried to get a good photo but the glare from the lights and window made it difficult.  The shells are from our local beach here in Pensacola.  The grosgrain ribbon and blue/white twine wrapped around the top were things I had in my craft room.  I also found that wonderful sand dollar charm as well – thought it went perfectly with the ornament.

For those of you interested in working with vinyl – the sentiment used here is from the Silhouette online store – it is not easy to work with, especially when you are dealing with very small letters.  But – this was my very first attempt with vinyl and I hope it gets easier the more I use it.  For this ornament I printed the sentiment first on transparency sheets.  I then cut the words out on blue vinyl using the silhouette cameo.  By printing the sentiment on the transparency it was easy to line up the vinyl.  Once the vinyl was on I trimmed the transparency into a shape that would fit inside the ornament – you gently roll the transparency and place it inside – it  will unroll once it is in.  Then I added the sand and small shells.

beach ornament close up


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