Happy Birthday Orvil!

Today is my dear, sweet, wonderful  husbands birthday!  Happy Birthday honey!

I usually keep this blog for stamping related posts, but I could not let the day go  by without wishing him a great day.

Orvil is such a great guy – kind, generous and funny.  A Navy veteran who loves dogs, nature and his beloved corvette.  I know I fall somewhere in there as well!    He is such a great handyman around the house, but loves to kick back and relax as well.

For his birthday I revamped this card into a birthday card by changing out the sentiment.  When we moved to Florida he put up a bunch of birdhhouses and feeders in the backyard and I’ve been amazed at the variety of birds that we’ve attracted.  It makes spending time on the back patio so much more interesting.    So the birdhouse theme card seemed perfect.

He looks at the card and marvels about how great it is, then starts really looking closely at it.  Finally he says  – “what’s with the button?”.   You know guys  – if there is a button it should be there to hold something together, right?   I explain that it is merely decorative (doesn’t he know that buttons are all the rage now?).    I’m not sure he understands the concept…

Anyway – happy birthday dear!!