stamp storage – progress is made!

This canvas box measures 13.25″ square and about 6″ tall.  Do you know what it contains?


In an effort to save space and get organized, I spent much of yesterday and this morning taking my stamp sets from their clear boxes and switching them to envelopes.  Envelopes are a simple, inexpensive and space saving solution to storing most unmounted stamps.  This method has been around for decades and it was time for me to get back to basics.

I was fortunate because several years ago Orvil’s granddaughter had given me several boxes of envelopes – her office was going to through them away!!!  Can you believe that?   They are Domlar brand and measure 4.75 x 6.5 ”  – this makes them perfect for many clear sets.  I was able to get all my “4 x 6 ” sets and most of my “8 x 6” sets in these  envelopes.    Here is a photo of the outside of one of the envelopes.

First – I cut the flap off the envelope.  Then I made a copy  of the imaging sheet (reduced to about 90% of actual size)  that comes with the set and taped it to the front of the envelope.  If you don’t have the imaging sheet you can pull the photo off the vendors website, or just stamp the image on the front. 

Inside the envelope is the stamp set and the actual imaging sheet.   I prefer to keep the original image sheet with the stamp set just in case I need it in the future.

So – the canvas box works great, but what is even better is this cart that they fit in. The canvas box on top of the cart contains acrylic blocks and tools I use on a daily basis. 

All the components are from the Itso Storage system from Target.  I love the rolling cart – it is placed next to my chair by my stamp table.  And because I was able to  fit over 100 stamp sets in one draw  – they are instantly at my fingertips!   My next step in this process would be to sort them by category (ie florals, holiday, etc). 

And – the second draw is completely empty!  Which means I have to start working on converting my unmounted rubber to envelopes.   The one drawback to doing this is coming to the realization of how many stamps I actually have, which is way too many!

Thanks for stopping by today…I’m working on a simple idea for my copic  marker collection and will share that as soon as it is done.