stamp storage update

Hello friends!

Just wanted to update you on my stamp storage situation!  As I said in my previous posts, I’ve taken all of my clear stamp sets from their boxes and put them inside envelopes with a copy of the images on the outside of each envelope.  These are then stored in a canvas box, which fits inside a rolling cart.

Today, I just finished sorting out the stamps by category.  I created 15 categories (this will probably increase once I start converting my unmounted rubber to this system) and made file dividers for each category.  Here is a photo.

The file dividers are very low tech – chipboard cut down to 5 x 12.  Then I typed file folder labels for each category, attached them to a piece of scrap cardstock and stapled them to the top of the chipboard.  I’ll be able to add or change the names of categories easily!

Here’s my problem.  I’ve tried to make category names that are specific, yet general enough so that  I don’t have one stamp per category.  The problem I have with a few sets is that they contain primary images that fall into more than one category.  For example, I have a set that has a large heart as well as a large butterfly.  I’ve put the set in the “love” category for now, but it could easily be placed in the “winged things” category. 

For those of you who sort their stamps by category, what do you do in this situation?

Thanks for stopping by!