a card makeover, a letterpress mess, and finally facebook

You ever have one of THOSE days?  

While trying to get my mojo back, I made this card for this weeks clean and simple sketch challenge at SCS.  It’s apparent that my mojo has not returned (I think I threw it away by mistake while cleaning the stamp room last weekend)

So, this morning I could not stand to look at it and took it apart.  I salvaged the card base and the stamped images and created something slightly different, but a little better (imho!).  While this version does not meet the challenge criteria at least I felt better about it!!!!  The images were stamped on Fabriano Watercolor paper using Brilliant Blue and Green Galore markers.  The blue and green papers are from The Paper Company Seaside collection.  The stamps are from Stamp Zia (nautilus), Fred Mullett (starfish), and Flourishes (scallop and sentiment). 


I made a Letterpress mess this morning.  I purchased the L Letterpress kit a few days ago and tried it out this morning.   What a mess!  Ink all over the place and a letterpressed image that was far from the quality impressions you see on their site!  It is going to take alot of trial and error with this machine and I hope I can make it work.   If you are just starting to try out this machine you want to be very careful to line up the plate and your card, and inking the plate requires a very delicate touch to prevent getting ink on areas that you don’t want ink.    You know how when you ink a rubber stamp and some ink gets on the edges where you trimmed the stamp?  Then you stamp the image and you have those areas that ended up with ink on them and they end up on the paper?  The same holds true for the letterpress plates only it’s a little harder to make sure the ink is only on the raised portion of the plate.

Anyway, i’ll need to do more playing around with this machine before I can post.

Finally Facebook

I didn’t think I would find the whole Facebook thing interesting or appealing ……until I signed up!!  I already spend way too much time on the computer and this just adds to that problem.  I’m sure the newness will wear off after awhile, but until then I’m enjoying connecting with my family members from around the country and with friends I’ve lost touch with over the years.

If you’re on facebook, let me know!

thanks for stopping by!