clean and simple monday – tall tales

Today’s clean and simple challenge at SCS is to use humor on your card.  As a stamper I am not really “funny”.  Some people have a knack for taking any image and creating something witty or hilarious.  Not me.  I did, however, have these stamps from Viva Las Vegas stamps – they have lots of funny images – and made this card:

Now we all know someone, either a relative or close friend, who can tell a tall tale.   And everytime they tell it, it gets bigger and bigger!  That’s deja moo – the feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.

Sometimes it’s your parents telling you how rough things were in their day:

“When I was a kid we walked three miles to school in two feet of snow.  Uphill.  Both ways.”

Or maybe it’s a friend who likes to “embellish” their life:

“I was up for a Nobel Peace prize for my work in saving the sand flea, but they gave it to Nelson Mandela instead.  I have no hard feelings though.  He seems like a nice enough fellow”.

Or it could be war stories or tales of the large fish that got away.   Either way, we smile and nod and chuckle as the tale gets bigger and bigger.

Thanks for stopping by today.  And on a totally unrelated topic  – I was offered $5000 to publish this card in a well known craft magazine but turned it down because I wanted to share it with you here for free! 

Have a great day!