ladies – start your engines

Tomorrow, June 17, an event will take place that may shock the motor world.  It’s not taking place in Detroit, Daytona or even at Le Mans.  It’s taking place in Saudi Arabia.

For on tomorrow, women  in Saudia Arabia are planning to do something they are not allowed to do there. 

They will drive.

Yes, Saudi Arabian women are forbidden from driving.    It seems that if they drive, they might come into contact with…….non-related men.   Horrors!   So the Saudi women must bum rides from their male relatives.  Or they can hire a driver or take a cab – which will result with them coming into contact with….non-related men.   What’s a girl to do.  They can ride horses and camels, by the way.

I’m not sure what other shenanigans the Saudi women would get into if they could drive legally.  Maybe the powers that be over there are afraid the ladies will do a “Thelma and Louise”.   Or maybe they’ll just drive on over to the airport and fly out of dodge  to a place where they can drive without any hassle.   And vote.   In reality they will probably just do what other women do.  Drop the kids off, run errands like going to the grocery, bank, etc.  Maybe lunch with the girls or shoe shopping.

Last month Manal Al-Sharif drove around town and posted a video on YouTube.  She was arrested and spent 10 days in jail.   For driving.  She was called sinful, malicious and immoral.   Perhaps we should call her the Saudi Rosa Parks.   This prompted the June 17 protest calling for women to drive.

So, in what may be the 2011 version of I am Woman, hear my car engines roar, in what is hopefully numbers too big to ignore, let me salute the Saudi women for taking it too the streets.

Ladies, start your engines, get your motors running and put the pedal to the metal.  Get out your mustang , Sally, go ride on the freeway in your pink cadillac,  little deuce coupe or 409.   While you’re at it have a little fun, fun, fun till the guys take your T-Bird away, but know there are many women around the world supporting you.  This one is for you.