The $35 peg bow maker. Really?

I’ve been looking around for a tool to help me make better bows.  I’ve found several on line and in craft stores in a variety of designs and styles.  Most range in price from as low as $5 to $20.

Then I found one of those peg board types  listed for $35!!!!  REALLY?    I figured it must be made of marble with stainless steel pegs.  Or have some fancy designer name attached to it. 

Here is what it looks like – from Starlit Studios website:

It is made of wood, with 3/8″ wooden dowels.  Measures 12″ x 5″ x 1″ with seven peg holes.  No marble.  No stainless steel pegs.  No fancy designer name.    

I knew I could do just as good for alot less.   So I called on my favorite handyman, also known as my husband.

I showed him the picture and asked if we had any scrap wood around and if he could make something like this for me.   After looking at it he said – no problem!    We had scrap wood, a drill and drill bits,  and leftover paint.  All we needed was a dowel for the pegs.  How much could that cost?

Here is the finished, and much less expensive diy version!

It is made of wood,  measures approximately 8″ x 8″ x 1″,   has 3/8″ wooden pegs and seven peg holes.    It was painted with a light blue/white wash paint treatment.   I might stamp a beach scene or palm tree on it later!  I wrapped a piece of scrap ribbon around the edge to finish it off.

My cost:

  • Scrap wood for base:  free – had some wood in the garage left over  from some other home improvement project.
  • Paint:   free – leftover blue and white paint from earlier projects
  • Ribbon:  free – from my stash. 
  • Dowel:  97 cents from Home Depot.  And I used less than half of it so I can give the other piece to one of my crafty friends if they want to make one!
  •  After it was finished he said I could probably sell it online for $35!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!