contain it

If you have copic markers then you probably have ALOT of markers.  And you need a way to store them.  

If you teach classes with them or bring them to crops, etc, then you know how difficult it can be to transport them.

I used to be in this category.  I teach a monthly class at our local scrapbook store and transport my ever growing collection down there in this:

It is big and bulky and did not stay closed with all my markers.  There have been several “spills”.   Markers all over the place.   

 So when copic came out with their new storage case – one that will hold 380 sketch markers – I knew one would make it to my craft room.  It arrived yesterday and here is how it looks with my markers:

It zips up nicely and has both a handle and shoulder strap.   And 6 removable mesh bags with handles  to  contain the markers within the bag.   I love it!

Oozak has them on their website for $70 – a nice price breakfrom the MSRP of $100.

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