diy tags and patterned paper

The more I use and learn about this Silhouette machine the more my mind expands with its potential.  Here is a card that combines patterned paper,  tags and a honeycomb cut file.  I made the patterned paper and tags!!  This card was made for the Power Poppy Peep Of The Week challenge  – details here.

 honeycomb card


Let’s get a closer look at those tags.  They are print and cut files that are easy to create. See the white stitched border on the blue tag and the stitching on the white tag?   So easy to do!!


To make a basic tag in Silhouette draw a rectangle and square. Rotate the square one turn and position it over the rectangle.  Select both shapes  then open the modify window and select the subtract feature.  Here is a sample of those three steps:

 three tags


You can use a variety of shapes for the bottom of the tag.  In the example below I used a “left bracket” on the bottom.  When you combine the two shapes there are a couple of pieces you will need to delete.

 bracket tags

Next I took my tag and made a smaller version to print my sentiment on.  You make the smaller tag by selecting your tag, then open up the offset window and select internal offset.  Adjust the distance to get the size you want and select the “corner” button to get the sharp edges instead of the “rounded corner” edge.  Once you are satisfied with how the smaller internal tag looks you can just move it away from the larger tag.   I also made a small circle to use as my “faux brad”.

two tags

Then I brought in a file of designer paper I created. I covered most of this paper up for this card but I printed out a couple of sheets to use in a future card.   Note:  tune in tomorrow and I’ll show you the steps I took to make this paper.  It uses a digital stamp from Power Poppy and was created in Photoshop Elements.

tulip script bg in crystal tones

Now let’s put the details on those tags.  Bring the designer paper onto your tag file and move the large tag shape and the small circle shape onto the pattern.  Make sure you have the tag and circle in front (you may have to use the “bring to front” button).   Select everything, open up the modify window and select crop.  You’ve just created your designer tag to match your designer paper along with a little faux brad!!


using modify

 patterned paper tag

Lets add some stitching around the border.  Select the blue tag.  Select the offset button and select internal offset.  Adjust the distance to where you want it – for this example I set mine at .075.  Select the corner edge (not the rounded edge).  Go to the line color button and select white as the color.  Select the line style option button and select one of the stitched/dashed lines.  I used the smallest one.  Change the line thickness to however thick you want the line – mine is set at .010.  Group it all together and you are set to print and cut.

stitched tag

For the white tag – there is no color – you will just add stitching.  Select the smaller tag, do an internal offset  – mine is set at .055  Select the line style as the small dashed one like you used in the larger tag and change the line thickness as well. We did not select a line color so you will see that these are just cut lines.  Bring in your sentiment and place it onto the smaller tag – resizing it if needed.  Also place the small circle “faux brad” on the small tag.  Group everything together and you have your print and cut file!

print and cut tags

For the rest of the card…..I used a honeycomb cut file from Kerri Bradford.  The file is sized for a full sheet of scrapbooking paper but I just eliminated some of the honeycomb pieces and resized it down to card size.  A small dot of glossy accents was added to the “faux brad” to give it dimension.  The ribbon is some old SU ribbon from my stash.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope this wasn’t too involved  I’m working on tomorrows post to show the steps I took to create the patterned paper used on this card.  I hope you will stop by!