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Origami box with fold-over cover

Hello friends!

Yes, I am still here!  I’ve been working on a few things that have kept me from blogging and finally got around to putting together this pretty box.

First, let me give a shout out of thanks to Elizabeth Sloman, a local SU demonstrator who showed me the basics of creating the box.  I was amazed at how easy and quickly it came together.  The inside is an easy origami box.  And the outside folds over and is tied with a ribbon.  This is a great way to use up that scrapbook paper that you’ve been hoarding!

I made just a couple of minor changes to her design.  She had the ribbon threaded on the inside and utilized rivets to thread the ribbon.  I decided to exclude the rivets and have the ribbon wrap around the outside of the box.

Here are the materials you will need:

-1 sheet of 12″ square  scrapbook paper in a solid color

-2 pieces of patterned scrapbook paper:  5.25″ x 12 ”

-1 piece of chipboard:  5.25″ x 12″

-ribbon – I used about 24″ of ribbon here

-flower or any other decorative element for the top of the box

-regular adhesive and “super strong” adhesive such as miracle tape, red line or score tape.

The interior box measures about 4.25 square and 2″ high.  The overall project measures about 5.25′ x 5″ and 2.25″ high. 

Here are the steps:

First – take the 12″ solid paper and make the inside box using origami folds.  Watch the video on how to do this clicking the link below. ( Note:  you may want to watch the video and practice with a piece of copy paper first – all you need is a square piece of paper)

Easy Origami Box Video


Second:  Take the two pieces of patterned paper  and the chipboard and score them at the 4 7/8″ mark and at the 7″ mark.

Third:  (no photo for this step)   Cover the chipboard front and back with the patterned paper.  Remember one side is slightly longer than the other so make sure you match up the paper to the chipboard appropriately. 

Note:  When doing this you can use your “regular” adhesive.  It is easier to work on one section at a time, working from the score line to the end than trying to get the full sheet onto the chipboard all at once.

Fourth:  Using your “strong” adhesive, attach the box to the inside – the back of the box should be flat against the middle panel of the covered chipboard.  It is not necessary to attach the box to the back, only to the bottom.

Finally:  Attach the ribbon around to the outside of the box,  leaving enough at the end to tie a bow or knot.  Attach your embellishment to the top.

Thanks for stopping by today!!