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rusty can with lavender

Hello creative people!  I hope your weekend is going well.  I want to show you a card I made based on an online class I am taking.  The class is from Kit and Clowder and she offers a variety of classes on coloring.  I’m not affiliated with it or anything – just a satisfied customer.  The class I am taking is called Elements of Nature and has video tutorials on flowers, fruit, vegetation, scenes and nature.  The digital images are all included and the videos are wonderful to follow along.  It’s done at your own pace. Here is my card:

It’s called Lavender and Rusty Can.  I’m really happy with how the rusty can came out.  When I have tried to do rust before it never looked good.  Below are just a couple of steps in the progression.  I used a lot of markers on this.  Also, I drew in the ground and grassy clumps to finish it off.

If you are looking to improve your coloring skills I hope you will check it out.  You can find all the classes here.

parrot tulip

It look like much of the country is feeling the bitter cold weather today and here in Florida we have not escaped it.  I woke up to 25 degree temperatures and it looks like we won’t get out of the 30’s today.  I’ve lived here for thirteen years and we’ve never had a day where it stayed in the 30’s.  Thankfully it won’t last long  – it looks like by Wednesday we’ll hit 70 degrees.  Until then I am staying inside and bundling up!

So, let me bring a little warmth to your day by sharing a card I made with the beautiful Tulip image from Power Poppy.

The image was printed on copic x-press it paper and colored with copics.  I took my color inspiration for the photo below, although my dark color is more of a magenta than red/orange.


Thanks for stopping by today!



a few snowmen

What is Christmas without some snowmen?


This digital image from Sassy Cheryl warmed my heart when I first saw it!  It was colored with copic markers – the sky was sponged with memento ink.  It is hard to tell from the photo but the snow is lined with some glitter to add a little sparkle.

Hope all is well with you.  Thanks for stopping by today!



Silhouette Print & Cut

Hello crafty friends!  I’ve been busy experimenting with my Silhouette machine and today I will show you how I worked with Silhouette’s Print and Cut feature.  This is a very cool way to not only print and cut out your digital images but it also means you can create your designs.  There is a bit of a learning curve with this and I admit I am still learning as I go – I’ll point out an issue later on in the post that I am still working on.

I am working with the Silhouette studio version 3 – the basic and most recent updated software so the steps I am taking may be a little different if you have version 2.  I don’t have the Designer Edition software and at this point I have not found a need for it.

First – the card.  The images are digital images from Power Poppy and the card is for their Peep Of The Week challenge shown HERE.

Power Poppy Tulip


The tulip was colored with copic markers:  YR01, YR12, YR18 YG21, YG91, YG93, YG95  The embossed panel was sponged with Memento’s Pistachio and Cantelope inks.  The designer paper is from Basic Grey’s Scarlett’s Letter line.

So…the tulip was cut out with my silhouette – here is how you can take your digital image and make it into a print and cut file.   First, you have to make your image into a cuttable image.

Open up your file in Silhouette.  Open up the trace window and click select trace area.   Then draw a box around the area you want to trace. (Hold down the shift key and go over the area).

Once you have the area you want selected, uncheck the “high pass filter” box,  check the “low pass filter” box and then start adjusting the “threshold”.  I set mine at 86.6.  Then click the “trace outer edge” icon.  This is one of those things that you will have to play around with on each file.

Here is my result after doing these steps  (note:  I moved the digital image off to the side so that you can see the red cut lines but when you are doing print and cut just leave the two pieces together)  As shown in the photo below you can see the outline.  Now – the cut line is right to the edge of the image – if you want a little more of a border you can use the “offset” tool to make the cut file a tad larger.

tulip outlined


SO…now that we have our cut file we can do a “print and cut”.  For this feature you need to let silhouette know where to cut.  Bring up your cut file.  At this point I change my page size to 8.5 x 11 – go to the page tool and select letter size to do this.

Now add  “registration marks”  This is how Silhouette reads where to start and end cutting.  In version3 All I had to do was to click the “registration marks” icon to do this.  In version 2 I think you have to open the registration marks window and manually select  it.   Once that it done you will see something like this on your screen.  See the greyed out boxes?  You need to make sure your image is not overlapping any of those greyed areas and that the image is in the white area of the space.

tulip registration marks


Now send your image to the printer.  This is what gets printed out:

printed registration marks

You can see it printed out my tulip as well as those black marks in the corner.  Those are what the Silhouette will read.  Now put the paper on the mat, load the mat and send to the Silhouette to cut.  Here is how it cut – and the one small issue that I have not yet solved.

tulip cut with silhouette


The silhouette did a great job cutting the outline – but I need to find out how to modify the  cut file to cut that small piece on the inside where the arrow is pointing.   For the card I made it did not make a difference.  I’ll have to do further research into this and it will most likely mean learning about the more advanced features.   I will let you know what I find out!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope tings are going well for you!







roses are red

…and pink, orange, yellow and white.   Roses come in a rainbow of colors and shades and all are beautiful.  It’s the one flower that I get to enjoy in spring, summer and fall.  Our front yard rose bushes are full of buds and I can’t wait to see them burst with color.  Many of our neighbors have similar rose bushes and it seems we all have different ways to contain them.

Like many of our neighbors our bushes are on the side of our mailbox and we keep them trimmed.  Other neighbors have them in containers, and still others let the vines grow unencumbered where they take over the entire mailbox.   In all cases they look great and add so much color to the front yards.

I did this card to practice my coloring with pencils.  I recently took a class on this subject and found it to be very helpful.  I’ve taken classes before ranging from just “ok” to downright bad and I was reluctant to spend the time and money only to be disappointed once again.  However the class by Dina Kowal was just the right blend of information and technique – not to mention her fantastic coloring skills.  So, if you want to improve your coloring I would recommend her class.

The image ( a digital image from Digi Desigb House) was colored with  prisma pencils:


I used these colors:  Blush pink, Mulberry……Chartreuse, Limepeel and Kelp….Powder Blue and Blue late…Cool grey 20%, 30% and 50%

prisma rose colors001