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life is better at the beach

I’ve seen so many wonderful handmade ornaments on the internet and thought I would try one with a beach theme.  I thought this one would be easy but it proved to be a bit more time consuming!

 beach ornament

It’s a “floating” ornament – meaning the sentiment inside looks like it is floating.  In reality it is vinyl lettering on a piece of transparency.  It is hard to tell from the photo but there is sand and some shells inside the ornament as well.  I tried to get a good photo but the glare from the lights and window made it difficult.  The shells are from our local beach here in Pensacola.  The grosgrain ribbon and blue/white twine wrapped around the top were things I had in my craft room.  I also found that wonderful sand dollar charm as well – thought it went perfectly with the ornament.

For those of you interested in working with vinyl – the sentiment used here is from the Silhouette online store – it is not easy to work with, especially when you are dealing with very small letters.  But – this was my very first attempt with vinyl and I hope it gets easier the more I use it.  For this ornament I printed the sentiment first on transparency sheets.  I then cut the words out on blue vinyl using the silhouette cameo.  By printing the sentiment on the transparency it was easy to line up the vinyl.  Once the vinyl was on I trimmed the transparency into a shape that would fit inside the ornament – you gently roll the transparency and place it inside – it  will unroll once it is in.  Then I added the sand and small shells.

beach ornament close up


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Christmas ornament

Trim your tree this year with some handcrafted ornaments.  I made this one yesterday using the tutorial from Becca Feeken found here.  Becca did a wonderful job in explaining and demonstrating how to create the ornament.


In Becca’s video she suggests using text weight or lightweight paper -cardstock is too heavy and will not work.  I used double sided scrapbook paper from K & Company.  The paper was heavier than text weight, but not as heavy as cardstock and  is from a 12″ paper pad called Travel that contains  beach/ocean themed patterns. I found  two sheets that had a pretty red and gold pattern on one side and illustrations of coral on the other side.   So….don’t limit yourself to holiday themed paper for this – you may have paper in your stash that will work  perfectly!

All in all, it took me just over an hour to put this together.  That includes cutting and folding the shapes, gluing everything together and adding the ribbon.

A few things I would do  little different the next time I make one of these.

First – I would go with Becca suggestion on textweight or lighter paper.  While the scrapbook paper was not heavy, the glue dots came apart in areas.

Second – Becca’s tutorial calls for cutting 18 shapes – I am thinking 20 or 22 would be a little better as it allows a bit more “give” in the overall shape and may not put as much stress on the glue.

Third – instead of glue dots I would use much stronger adhesive  – like red line tape.  It would take a little longer to apply, but I think it is worth it in the long run.  For this ornament I ended up replacing the glue dots that did not hold up with the red line  tape and it seems to have helped.

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folded fabric ornaments

It’s great to have crafty friends!  I’m a member of a craft group that gets together about once a week to craft and enjoy each others company.  Our group is diverse – from knitting and crocheting, quilting, paper crafts and jewelry making.  Once a month we take turns doing a “make and take” based on our specialty.  The other weeks we bring whatever we are working on at the moment  – and sometimes we talk more than we craft!

Last week a member of our group was working on an ornament that was covered with folded fabric squares.  I had seen these on the internet but never in person and when I saw hers I knew I wanted to try it out.  She showed me the basics and told me to look on the internet for a video of how to put it together (the link is listed below).  Here is my version:



For supplies I used:

  •  3″ styrofoam ball
  • 26 squares of one fabric, cut in 2.5″ squares
  • 16 squares of coordinating fabric, cut in 2.5″ squares
  • straight pins (lots of them – for these two ornaments I used almost an entire box of 450 pins)
  • Ribbon, rhinestones for center

 I purchased the  styrofoam, pins, fabric and a thimble at WalMart.  The rhinestones and  ribbon (from May Arts) were in my stash!  Here is a look at the fabric I used – I used the poinsettia fabric for the center and third layer for one of the ornaments, then reversed the fabric for the second, using the red swirl fabric for the center and third layer.


The hardest part was cutting the fabric.  For those of you who sew or quilt, this will be the easiest part, but I don’t so using those rotary cutters took a little practice.  My squares were not perfect, but since they ended up being folded it did not matter!

Once the fabric was cut putting together the actual ornament went quickly.   You can easily do two in an evening in front of the TV!

 The link to see how to fold the fabric and pin it to the styrofoam is HERE

Here is a picture of one of the ornaments hanging from our lemon tree – because in Florida it’s either the lemon tree or the palm tree!

 And a special thank you to Donna for inspiring me!!

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