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storage solution

Almost every crafter has one thing in common – no matter what your craft – and that is how to store all the stuff you use (keep) for your craft.  There are storage solutions for every imaginable problem and you can spend a ton on just storage boxes.

I’ve been meaning to get a handle on my thin metal dies.  They seem to multiply and the smaller ones tend to get “lost” temporarily.  Since I don’t have an electronic/digital cutting machine (which would probably eliminate many of these dies)  containing them so that they are easily accessible yet, well, “contained” was key for me.  And I found a simple solution at my local JoAnns, but you can do a diy version as well.

I went from a stack of plastic cases that did not even hold all my dies to one smaller plastic container – there is the photo.  The left pile shows the “before”, the right shows the “after”.

Here is the container – a simple plastic container with a handle that measures about 9.5 inches (roughly) and about 3.5 inches deep from Art Bin.  It comes with three magnetic sheets shaped to fit the container and you can purchase additional sheets.  They were on sale for 40% off at JoAnns a few weeks ago.

Here is what one of the sheets looks like with a bunch of my metal dies on it.   I have 9 sheets in the box right now (with all my dies stored) , and can probably fit about 15 or so in total in the box so there is room to grow.

The box closes nicely and fits on a bookshelf – very accessible.

You can do this on your own by purchasing a small plastic bin and get magnetic sheets to fit inside.  I will say this – the  magnetic sheets from the Art Bin case are very sturdy – much sturdier than what you can get at the big box stores.

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contain it

If you have copic markers then you probably have ALOT of markers.  And you need a way to store them.  

If you teach classes with them or bring them to crops, etc, then you know how difficult it can be to transport them.

I used to be in this category.  I teach a monthly class at our local scrapbook store and transport my ever growing collection down there in this:

It is big and bulky and did not stay closed with all my markers.  There have been several “spills”.   Markers all over the place.   

 So when copic came out with their new storage case – one that will hold 380 sketch markers – I knew one would make it to my craft room.  It arrived yesterday and here is how it looks with my markers:

It zips up nicely and has both a handle and shoulder strap.   And 6 removable mesh bags with handles  to  contain the markers within the bag.   I love it!

Oozak has them on their website for $70 – a nice price breakfrom the MSRP of $100.

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stamp storage update

Hello friends!

Just wanted to update you on my stamp storage situation!  As I said in my previous posts, I’ve taken all of my clear stamp sets from their boxes and put them inside envelopes with a copy of the images on the outside of each envelope.  These are then stored in a canvas box, which fits inside a rolling cart.

Today, I just finished sorting out the stamps by category.  I created 15 categories (this will probably increase once I start converting my unmounted rubber to this system) and made file dividers for each category.  Here is a photo.

The file dividers are very low tech – chipboard cut down to 5 x 12.  Then I typed file folder labels for each category, attached them to a piece of scrap cardstock and stapled them to the top of the chipboard.  I’ll be able to add or change the names of categories easily!

Here’s my problem.  I’ve tried to make category names that are specific, yet general enough so that  I don’t have one stamp per category.  The problem I have with a few sets is that they contain primary images that fall into more than one category.  For example, I have a set that has a large heart as well as a large butterfly.  I’ve put the set in the “love” category for now, but it could easily be placed in the “winged things” category. 

For those of you who sort their stamps by category, what do you do in this situation?

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Copic and Prisma storage and color chart

On yesterday’s post Carol from Australia (hi Carol!) commented about the canvas box full of envelopes containing my clear stamp sets and was wondering if I was going to add tabs or some type of identification for the stamp categories so that when they are sorted each category can be found quickly.  The answer is yes!!!!  I’m in the process of figuring out the best material for the dividers (cardstock is too flimsy, so heavy chipboard may be the answer) and  how to make the tabs themselves.  Once I am done with sorting and tabbing everything I will post another photo.

Copic and Prisma Storage and Color Chart

I used to store my copic markers in a  plastic bin sorted by the color blend groups sold by Flourishes.  I kept them in their original packages but the little bags were starting to get torn.  For my prisma pencils they were all just in a small plastic bin and I’d have to rummage through them to find the colors I needed.  Here is my latest storage system for both.



Here’s a close up of the copic markers.  The cute buckets are from the Target $1 area and hold about 24 sketch markers.  I’ve sorted them in each bucket by general color group (reds, blues, greens, etc.)


Now that I have the markers and pencils nicely (and neatly!) displayed by general color group I wanted to have a handy reference chart available for each.  Here is what I’ve come up with so far.

For the copics you can get a blank color chart where you fill in the boxes as you purchase markers to keep track in one place of the colors you have.  The chart is found HERE.   There are a couple of online stores that sell copics in color groups and have color charts specifically for their groups.  Flourishes and Papertrey are two stores that sell in this manner and I’ve printed out Flourishes groupings for my reference.  Their charts fit on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet and fit in a plastic page protector. 

For prismas, a blank color chart can be found on this SCS thread HERE.  This is a wonderful chart ( available in excel or word) and is a great way to keep track of what colors you have.  I printed out this chart and colored  in the blank spaces just below each name with that color pencil and now have a great reference chart.    That was good to start with for prismas, but I wanted a chart similar to what Flourishes does with their copics – a chart showing natural color blend groups.  So….what I started to do was as I use my prismsa and find a small group (3 or 4 pencils) of colors that blend well I note them in a journal I created.  Eventually I will have a record of my favorite blends and can create a master grouping.  I just started doing this – here is a photo the journal and a close up of one page. 



The journal was created with my Bink-It-All ( I love that machine!!!) and has good quality card stock inside.  You can do this type of art journal not just for copics or prismas, but any type of marker.  It’s a great way to keep a reference of color blends that have worked for you!

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stamp storage – progress is made!

This canvas box measures 13.25″ square and about 6″ tall.  Do you know what it contains?


In an effort to save space and get organized, I spent much of yesterday and this morning taking my stamp sets from their clear boxes and switching them to envelopes.  Envelopes are a simple, inexpensive and space saving solution to storing most unmounted stamps.  This method has been around for decades and it was time for me to get back to basics.

I was fortunate because several years ago Orvil’s granddaughter had given me several boxes of envelopes – her office was going to through them away!!!  Can you believe that?   They are Domlar brand and measure 4.75 x 6.5 ”  – this makes them perfect for many clear sets.  I was able to get all my “4 x 6 ” sets and most of my “8 x 6” sets in these  envelopes.    Here is a photo of the outside of one of the envelopes.

First – I cut the flap off the envelope.  Then I made a copy  of the imaging sheet (reduced to about 90% of actual size)  that comes with the set and taped it to the front of the envelope.  If you don’t have the imaging sheet you can pull the photo off the vendors website, or just stamp the image on the front. 

Inside the envelope is the stamp set and the actual imaging sheet.   I prefer to keep the original image sheet with the stamp set just in case I need it in the future.

So – the canvas box works great, but what is even better is this cart that they fit in. The canvas box on top of the cart contains acrylic blocks and tools I use on a daily basis. 

All the components are from the Itso Storage system from Target.  I love the rolling cart – it is placed next to my chair by my stamp table.  And because I was able to  fit over 100 stamp sets in one draw  – they are instantly at my fingertips!   My next step in this process would be to sort them by category (ie florals, holiday, etc). 

And – the second draw is completely empty!  Which means I have to start working on converting my unmounted rubber to envelopes.   The one drawback to doing this is coming to the realization of how many stamps I actually have, which is way too many!

Thanks for stopping by today…I’m working on a simple idea for my copic  marker collection and will share that as soon as it is done.