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neverending stamp storage issues!

Once again I am revamping how I store my stamps. 

Since my collection continues to grow but the square footage of my stamp room remains unchanged I’m at the point of having to redo things.

I’ve gone from binders (which I will probably keep for some of my stamps) to the Stamping Up style boxes (too big), CD cases (too flimsy and small), to Flourishes Boxes (nice size but still take up too much space) to SU’s new DVD style boxes (again a nice size but too much space)..to my latest solution…..

When I first started stamping ages ago, I’d go to stamp conventions and almost every vendor that sold unmounted stamps had them in envelopes with the images stamped on the outside of the envelope.  This seems to me very low tech, and not very attractive but so many people use this method and swear by it.  You can store a ton of stamps this way.   I think it was time to let “old” be “new” again.

So…I’m about 1/3 of the way done transferring my clear sets to envelopes  (haven’t even touched my UM rubber) and I will post  a photo or two of the results when I am done!

Thanks for stopping by today!